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Cancer Is Everyday

The American Cancer Society estimates there are 4,750 new cases and 1,670 death everyday.

Cancer is More Than Breast and Lung.

The eight most common cancers after lung, breast prostate, colorectal and melanoma are bladder, non-hodgkin lymphoma, kidney, endometrial, leukemia, pancreatic, thyroid and liver.  It is estimated these cancers account for nearly 500,000 new diagnoses and 164,430 deaths each year.

Key Facts

Risk Factors: older age, family history, alcohol and tobacco use, exposure to chemicals, UV rays, and radiation.

Primary Screening:  Range from but minimally to highly invasive.  Some cancers have no traditional early detection methods.  Many tests have a high false positive rate which can lead to anxiety and unnecessary additional testing and expense.

Early Detection is Key to Beating Cancer!

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