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1 in 13 Men and 1 in 16 Women Will Develop Lung Cancer in Their Lifetime

Lung Cancer is a Threat Across the Globe.

Lung cancer accounts for nearly 12 percent of all new cancer diagnoses globally. Approximately 1.8 million new cases each year.

Key Facts

Risk Factors: tobacco smoke, family history, radon exposure, asbestos exposure, occupational exposure to carcinogens 

Primary Screening: Health insurance typically doesn't cover screening unless a patient is between 55-77 and has a 30+ year history of smoking 1 pack a day. Low-dose CT scan is the primary screening method: 93% accurate in identifying lung cancer, but has a high false positive rate of nearly 27%, leading to anxiety and unnecessary additional testing and expense.

Survival Rates:  
Stage 1A and 1B: 45-49%
Stage 2A and 2B: 30-31%
Stage 3A and 3B: 5-14%
Stage 4: 1%

Early Detection is Key to Beating Cancer!

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