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When Detected Early, Survival Rates of 90%+ Are Possible.


BioScentDX is saving lives by harnessing the incredible capabilities of canine scent detection to develop highly accurate, non-invasive and affordable cancer scent screening.

The Science

Dogs have 300 million smell receptors compared to humans 5 million. 

Using this incredible sense of smell, a dog could detect a spray of perfume in a small stadium, or a half teaspoon of sugar in an olympic-size swimming pool


Request a Test

Order a kit with easy to follow instructions.  Kits typically arrive within a few business days.

submit kit

Submit Kit

Instructions will walk you through collecting a breath sample. Return the included forms and sample for processing.



Your sample is presented to our specially trained cancer scent detection dogs for screening of scents associated with cancers including breast, lung, colorectal, prostate and melanoma.  



Results are typically mailed back to you within 15 business days.

getting screened is easy

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