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BioScentDX Issued IRB Trial Renewal for Work in Scent-Based Cancer Detection

MYAKKA CITY, Fla. - BioScentDX has been granted a one-year renewal from the Instructional Review Board (IRB) for a first-of-its-kind human study to determine the efficacy of using canines’ scent ability to detect breast cancer in women. In 2018, the IRB sanctioned the study to create a non-invasive test for breast cancer screening, setting a goal of 1,000 samples from women with a history of breast cancer, or at high risk of the disease. To date, BioScentDX has screened nearly half that number, with plans to double their goal in the coming year.

“This is an important step in our medical research process, as we’re the very first trial involving canine scent detection in which participants are able to receive results back,” said Heather Junqueira, lead researcher at BioScentDX. “The IRB has recognized the level of credibility established in our previous research, as well as the partnerships we’ve formed to create a testing process that’s proving to be a game changer in early cancer detection.”

In November, BioScentDX partnered with the California Association of Professional Firefighters to provide screenings to the group’s 17,000-plus members. Earlier that year, the company launched a partnership with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, leveraging LECOM’s technology, physician expertise and thriving internship program.

“We wanted to work with BioScentDX to prove scientifically how the dogs are so effective, so we can start moving into the realm of evidence-based medicine,” said LECOM professor Thomas Quinn, DO. “With the samples collected over the last year and the accuracy of the dogs we are seeing, we have moved considerably closer to that becoming a reality.”

Humans have long relied on dogs’ extraordinary scent detection capabilities for tasks from hunting to explosive and narcotic detection. Previous studies leveraging canines in the cancer detection space have yielded accuracy rates of up to 99 percent (Taverna et al, Journal of Urology 2014).

Founded in 2016, BioScentDX provides simple, affordable cancer screenings for employers or individuals. Participants order kits on a one-time or reoccurring basis, and follow instructions to collect breath samples. The sample is mailed back to the company, where it’s presented to specially trained cancer scent detection dogs for screening of leading cancers including breast, lung, colorectal, prostate and melanoma. Results are mailed to the participant within 30 days.

About BioScentDX:

BioScentDX is utilizing canine scent detection to offer a non-invasive screening method for cancers and similar life-threatening diseases. Through research and development of these capabilities, BioScentDX offers patients a cost-effective, simple, yet highly accurate method to identify and eradicate diseases. For more information, visit, or their non-profit organization,

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